Authentic Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

Join me on a sensual adventure as I unbox and experience the pleasure of LELO SILA, the revolutionary clitoral massager that promises a truly immersive and satisfying journey. Let's dive into the details of my personal experience and discover why SILA is the perfect companion for intimate moments.

1  Unveiling the Exquisite Packaging

As I open the package, I'm instantly captivated by the sleek and elegant black crocodile-textured box. It exudes luxury and sophistication. The anticipation builds as I carefully lift the lid, revealing a world of pleasure inside. The packaging is thoughtfully designed, with every component neatly placed in its own dedicated section. It's like unwrapping a precious treasure, and I can't help but feel excited about what awaits me.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

2  Creative Design and Sensual Touch

As I take SILA in my hands, I'm immediately struck by its unique and beautiful design. The playful shapes and pastel colors give it a charming and inviting appearance. The smooth texture of the silicone feels luxurious against my fingertips, igniting a sense of anticipation for the pleasure that lies ahead. Holding it in my hand, I can already tell that this is a well-crafted and high-quality device.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

3  Gentle Sonic Waves for Sensual Bliss

I'm eager to experience SILA's gentle sonic waves, which promise to take pleasure to new heights. With a touch of a button, I activate the sonic pulsations, and a subtle hum fills the air. As I bring SILA closer to my body, the waves of pleasure begin to envelop my senses. The gentle vibrations against my clitoris create a tantalizing buildup, teasing me with anticipation of what's to come. It's a unique and exciting sensation that sets SILA apart from other pleasure devices.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

4  Amplifying Pleasure with a Larger Mouth

SILA's larger mouth design is intriguing, and I'm curious to see how it enhances my pleasure. As I position SILA against my sweet spot, the soft and flexible rim creates a comfortable and snug fit. The vibrations spread evenly, stimulating my entire pleasure zone. With each pulse, I feel a gradual and intensifying pleasure that takes me on an incredible journey towards climax. The larger mouth truly amplifies the pleasure and adds a new dimension to my experience.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

5  Dive into Sensual Waters with Waterproof Confidence

One of the things that excites me about SILA is its waterproof feature. I decide to indulge in a relaxing bath, bringing SILA with me. Submerged in the warm water, I activate SILA's pulsations, and the sensations become even more heightened. The combination of water and sonic waves creates a truly indulgent experience, allowing me to explore pleasure in a whole new way. It's a moment of pure bliss and relaxation that I never want to end.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

6  Travel Lock for Peace of Mind

SILA's travel lock feature gives me the confidence to take it with me wherever I go. Whether I'm traveling or simply storing it in my bag, I know that SILA will remain discreet and secure. The travel lock ensures that it won't accidentally turn on at an inconvenient time, giving me peace of mind and allowing me to fully enjoy my adventures.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

7  Acceptable Noise Levels for Intimate Bliss

While using SILA, I appreciate that it falls within a moderate noise range. The discreet hum allows me to immerse myself in the pleasure without worrying about unwanted distractions. It creates an intimate atmosphere where I can focus solely on my sensations and indulge in the ultimate pleasure experience.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

8  Compact and Lightweight Design

SILA's compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to handle and maneuver. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in my hand, providing a firm grip and allowing me to explore different angles and positions. The lightweight nature of SILA ensures that I can enjoy extended pleasure sessions without discomfort or fatigue.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

9  How to Use LELO SILA?

Use the SILA by controlling it with three convex buttons.

● 1. Apply LELO personal lubricant on the product and your body to enhance pleasure.

● 2. To turn on SILA, simply press the "+" button; pressing the same button will increase the suction (8 levels of intensity) starting from the lowest level, and then adjust the vibration intensity as desired.

● 3. Press the "()" button to switch between 8 suction modes to find the one that brings you to climax.

● 4. To decrease suction, press the "-" button.

● 5. To turn off SILA, hold down the "()" button.

● 6. To lock/unlock SILA, simultaneously hold down the "+" and "-" buttons for 3 seconds until the white LED light illuminates.

● 7. After use, clean and store the toy using LELO's toy cleaning spray.

Tips: SILA takes 2 hours to fully charge; after each charge, you can play with the toy for a full 2 hours. Additionally, when the battery is low, the LED on SILA will blink with a white light.

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

10  Product Usage Experience

I relax my body, lying on the bed, playing soft music. It's essential to ensure ample lubrication to truly indulge in pleasure. I delicately apply the lubricant on my sweet spots, petals, or toys, while gently licking and caressing myself, attuned to the sensations.

Moreover, I'm particularly enamored with the design of SILA's suction nozzle. Its slightly inward curve provides even pressure, creating a snug and comfortable fit. It seamlessly adheres to my sensitive areas and skin, making it effortless to position and control.

As I lie there, dormant nerve endings await their awakening, yearning for gentle yet precise and varied stimulation. Placing it near my ear, it vibrates, sending tingles that reach the depths of my heart through the ear canal.

My hands glide down the twin peaks, lightly caressing every inch of my skin until they reach the castle. I move the suction nozzle, which envelops my pleasure center, teasing and adjusting it to the perfect spot.

"Gently circling, slowly stroking, and teasing," as gentle waves surge at the pinnacle of my sweet spot, a tingling sensation floats in the air, permeating with soft pleasure. It seeps gradually from deep within, spreading to every cell, an experience of ever-ascending tenderness.

It tantalizingly dances on the edge of climax, gradually building satisfaction.

This exploration requires even more patience, reaching its peak when least expected, like a spiral staircase ascending to the heavens. All the supporting points converge in one area, slowly revolving and ascending to the pinnacle.

I feel the continuous expanse of floating clouds, with the daytime breeze stirring them up. A warm current gradually overflows, causing my body to tense, releasing in sync with the rhythm at the apex of pleasure. At this moment, time freezes, my body quivers, and my toes curl...

Unboxing Review on LELO SILA

11  Product Drawbacks

  • • The buttons are slightly stiff and require some force to press.
    • The ABS mirror surface is prone to fingerprints.
    • The noise level is a bit high.
    •It's a bit expensive, but definitely worth it.


My experience with LELO SILA has been a truly sensational adventure. From the moment I unboxed it, the anticipation and excitement were palpable. The creative design, sensual touch, and innovative features of SILA exceeded my expectations at every turn. The gentle sonic waves, amplified by the larger mouth, provided a journey of pleasure that I won't soon forget. The waterproof capability and travel lock feature added convenience and peace of mind, allowing me to explore pleasure in various settings. SILA's acceptable noise levels and compact design further enhanced my experience, making it a pleasure device that truly caters to my desires. LELO SILA has become my trusted companion, unlocking new levels of pleasure and providing me with unforgettable moments of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Intricately designed with premium silicone, the Lelo Sila Sucking Clitoral Massager caresses with tender delight, evoking sensations without direct touch. Its generous sucking mouth delicately embraces pleasure, amplifying the ecstasy. Harmonious vibrations cascade over the clitoris, unfurling a crescendo of pleasure. With eight intensities, it fulfills every longing, offering complete satisfaction.



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