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Sex, Wellness & full-fledged fun

Hot Octopuss: Innovative Adult Toys

Hot Octopuss is an innovative brand in the world of adult toys that is known for its revolutionary and design-centric products. Established in London in 2013 by co-founders Julia Margo and Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss has set itself apart by combining the latest technology with cutting-edge design to create high-quality sex toys that are both user-friendly and visually appealing.

The brand first came to prominence with its launch of PULSE, often referred to as the world's first "Guybrator". PULSE, which uses unique oscillation technology called "PulsePlate", was designed to be used flaccid or erect, making it a breakthrough product in terms of male pleasure. This has since become the flagship line for the brand, with several versions and enhancements being added over the years.

Hot Octopuss’s mission is to create products that are inclusive and cater to a diverse range of bodies and preferences. They place a strong emphasis on promoting sexual health and well-being, and this is reflected in their inclusive designs. They offer a wide array of products from bullet vibrators to couple's toys, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Quality and safety are paramount to the brand, as evidenced by their use of body-safe materials in all of their products. Hot Octopuss is committed to delivering pleasure without compromise, and this extends to their use of only the highest quality materials and rigorous testing processes.

Hot Octopuss is a pioneer in the world of adult toys, having disrupted the industry with its innovative designs and technology. Its ongoing commitment to inclusivity, sexual wellness, and quality, as well as its ceaseless drive to bring innovative solutions to market, continue to cement its place as a leader in the field.