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    Machine Doll Cold-faced Punishment and Imprisonment Kit

    SHAKI Confirmed Your Eyes Machine Cold-faced Punishment and Imprisonment Kit

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    SHAKI Confirmed Your Eyes Machine Doll Cold-faced Punishment and Imprisonment Kit


    Series name of “Confirmed your expression of eyes” were created and cooperated by both Shaki and Nico and were presented newly in 2019. There are 11 items for each series. Products will take you into a romantically and endless love world. Design inspiration from the robot doll. With glossy silver-gray bright surface PU material, with water blue pupil decoration. Cold and rebellious, with a sense of technology in the future, like stepping into the mysterious cyberpunk world.

    Kit includes:

          1* Pouch - 3D cutting, nice quality, and good handbag size. It can take the whole kit into the bag. Easy to bring during traveling.

          1* Password Lock - Sweet lockset, initial code 000. Change password: 1. Adjust to the correct password. 2. Press the button in the small hole under the lock. 3. Set a new password.

          1* Ball gag - The ball is made of flexible silicone of high quality, which uses the same silicone material as baby pacifiers. The ball diameter: 4.3CM, good size, and easy to fit into the mouth. Saliva drips down the cheek, the more shameful the more charming.

          2* Wrist Cuffs - To tie the wrist cus on both hands and they are adjustable and fit for any size of hands.

          2* Ankle Cuffs - To tie the ankle cus on both feet. Adjustable size to limit mobility, stimulate his/her conquest desire, enjoy the "teasing" pleasure.

          2* Single cross Hog Tie - 2pcs * Single cross Hog Tie are for connecting wrist cus or ankle cus. Also can change to use as hog tie to increase the SM level.

          1* Collar & 1* Leash with chain - 65CM metal chain length, to meet a variety of postures, kneeling crawl, suitable to wear out, unique bracelet design on the handle, open happy mode to hang yourself out, the most shining focus, double buckles, big hands, and small hands all match.

          1* Paddle - Small and light, can shoot the shocking sound effect that resounds through the room without worrying about causing serious pain. Stereo eyes embedded on the handle are both convenient to hold and warning eyes.

          1* Small Whip - A unique set of cold-faced punishment and imprisonment for robot dolls triggers a fantastic feast of desire whenever and wherever possible.

          1* Accessory - Confirm your eyes and meet the right person. I hope someday you will know WHO I AM! This is our secret code. Can be used as a daily accessory. Each item has a steric pupil, which are the hallmarks of this series.

    Category: Bondage
    Brand name: SHAKI
    Product name: A unique set of cold-faced punishment and imprisonment for a robot doll
    Product Model: SK-LS-591022
    Range: SM love kit
    Customers: Adults above aged 18+
    Material: PU, Silicone and Metal
    Specification: 245*155*98.3mm
    Standard: GB/T19941-2005
    Parts of Kit: 1* Pouch, 1* Password Lock, 1* Ballgag, 2* Wrist Cuffs, 2* Ankle Cuffs, 2* Single cross Hog Tie, 1* Collar, 1* Leash with chain, 1* Paddle, 1* Small Whip, 1* Accessory
    Standard Configuration

    1* Pouch

    1* Password Lock

    1* Ballgag

    2* Wrist Cuffs

    2* Ankle Cuffs

    2* Single cross Hog Tie

    1* Collar

    1* Leash with chain

    1* Paddle

    1* Small Whip

    1* Accessory


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