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    SEVANDA SMDGJ-001-7-ZL Removable Anal Plug

    Venusfun SMDG Removable Pull Bead Ball Anal Plug

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    SEVANDA SMDGJ-001-7-ZL Removable Pull Bead Ball Anal Plug


    SMDGJ-001-7-ZL Anal Plug is not just meant to help your body experience the pleasure of anal penetration but really make this sensation repeatable. Removable pull bead anal plug - First creation split style anal plug gameplay, deep enema. Multiple fun DIY game sex toys. What do you want we all have it. SEVANDA's anal beads made of silicone, non-toxic, odorless, completely safe, hygienic, free to bent, and felt silky. Waterproof, skin-friendly, easy to clean. It is detachable, has 7 different sizes of spheres, and has a set of accessories (base+plug) options. Ten kinds of parts can be freely split and combined. Even if you're a beginner, you can take a longer one, and slowly build your way in through different seances. Various sizes, friendly to novices, allowing you to progress step by step. Free combination-each sphere exists independently, you can freely choose the number of spheres you need to install, which brings more playability, can be lengthened all the time, and can enter deeper places. Combinations of balls of different sizes can bring different gameplay experiences and feel the excitement and pleasure brought by multiple combinations. You can also combine to form a double-headed anal plug and discover different hidden gameplay.

    Note: Accessories (base+plug) must be purchased for the first purchase, otherwise the sphere cannot be used.

    Matters needing attention:

       01. Before use, please disinfect with alcohol or cleaning liquid

       02. The size of the sphere varies greatly. Please choose a suitable size carefully according to your personal affordability. Do not forcibly use a sphere that exceeds your own affordability.

       03. Before using, please confirm that each of the parts has been screwed.

       04. Before use, please fully lubricate. More smoothly with the use together with a condom.

       05. This product mainly embodies the combination of different sphere sizes. Do not make a combination that is too long in total length (The human rectal depth limit is 20cm, and the recommended combined length is within 15cm).

       06. The structure of this product is precision processed, do not violence use (to avoid structural fracture).

       07. Please push in gently and slowly along the curve of your body to avoid injury.

       08. When using, do not rotate frequently in the body.

    Category: Anal Toys, Butt Plugs
    Brand Name: SEVANDA
    Model Number: SMDGJ-001-7-ZL
    Type: Anal Plug
    Material: Silicone
    Size: 347.23mm/13.67" (maximum length) x 54.39mm/2.14" (maximum width)
    2.0cm - 10.8g
    2.5cm - 14g
    3.0cm - 20.3g
    3.5cm - 30g
    4.0cm - 44.4g
    4.5cm - 56.7g
    5.0cm - 72.8g
    Accessories (base+plug) - 10.7g
    Function: Anal expansion; masturbation
    Color: Black
    Standard Configuration

    1 x SEVANDA Anal Plug or

    1 x Anal Plug accessories(base+plug)


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