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Trojan Enz Bareskin Magnum Ultra Thin Condoms

The Trojan brand, owned by the American company Church & Dwight, is one of the most well-known and trusted names in the sexual health industry, primarily recognized for its range of condoms. Launched in 1916, Trojan condoms have a history spanning over a century, during which the brand has become synonymous with reliability and safety in the United States, claiming a significant share of the domestic market.

Trojan is notable for its diverse product line-up, catering to various sizes, textures, and specific preferences. The range extends from the classic Trojan ENZ to variants like the Her Pleasure Sensations, Ultra Thin, and Magnum Large Size. Each product is designed to enhance pleasure while ensuring maximum protection, underlining the brand's commitment to promoting safe sex.

Aside from condoms, the Trojan brand has also expanded into the production of other sexual health products such as personal lubricants and vibrating devices, thereby offering a holistic approach to sexual wellness. These items are developed to enhance comfort, pleasure, and intimacy, always ensuring the highest standard of quality.

Trojan's dedication to sexual health and education is another hallmark of the brand. Over the years, they have launched various campaigns to promote sexual health awareness and safe sex practices. This is part of their broader mission to normalize conversations around sex, helping people feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about their sexual health.

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